What is Futsal?

What is Futsal?


At Mega Courts Indoor Sports we are pleased to bring Futsal to South Australia all the way from South America.  Futsal is essentially outdoor soccer  played indoors and since its inception has become the number 1 option for those wanting to play soccer on indoor courts. Futsal is played with touchlines and is designed to improve the skill levels of all players as it creates a safer environment to play in (reduces wall collisions). A Futsal ball is sightly heavier than a regular  soccer ball which  promotes close control and contributes to a fast-flowing game making Futsal one of the most popular sports worldwide. 

At Mega Courts we play on larger than normal indoor courts (hence the name ‘Mega Courts’). This further enhances the futsal experience with increased area allowing more opportunity to showcase your skills.


For all world Futsal news and information please visit https://www.fifa.com/futsal/


For all Mega Courts Futsal Information please visit https://megacourts.com.au/sports-and-activities/soccer-html.html

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