Senior Futsal Leagues

2021 season dates – 

Week commencing 12th April – Week commencing 28th June

Week commencing 12th July – Week commencing 27th September

Week commencing 11th October – Week commencing 20th December

$60 per game/per team. $10 player registration. 

Current Nights: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Depending on numbers we can sometimes enter teams during the season. 

For all information regarding registering teams, dates and times of matches, and any other queries please email Gareth at

Mega Courts Indoor Sports Fustsal Rules and Regulations

  • Each game consist of 2 x 18 minute halves of futsal
  • A team consists of 5 players (1 must be the goalkeeper)
  • Substitutions can be made without notifying the referee however, goalkeeper changes must be made at a break in play in agreement with the referee.
  • If a ball goes out of bounds it is the opponents kick in from the sideline. (If the ball hits the roof it is classed as going out of bounds and therefore an opponents kick in from the side line)
  • A goal cannot be scored directly from the kick off. (All side balls and restarts are 2 touch)
  • Slide tackles are not permitted unless goalkeeper. (goalkeeper must slide side-on & within their penalty area).
  • Outfield players are not allowed to play the ball on the ground
  • To restart the game from the goalkeeper the goalkeeper must throw the ball in
  • Once the ball has been played by the goalkeeper the ball cannot be touched by the goalkeeper until it has been touched by an opponent or gone out of bounds
  • A goal keeper is not permitted to pick up the ball from a back pass
  • A goal keeper has only 4 seconds to play the ball
  • There is a 4 second time limit on all set plays
  • Opposing players must be 3 metres from the set play
  • Aggressive/Dangerous play is not allowed
  • The Referee’s decision is final


As part of this agreement and as condition of inclusion for your team, Mega Courts Indoor Sports requires your team to attend each week unless a bye or match has not been scheduled. Please remember that fixtures still run on public holidays.

Should your team be unable to play one of our scheduled games, you are required to contact the centre and notify staff of the forfeit.

  • (a) Forfeits should only occur in extreme cases. Please contact us if you are having problems with times or team numbers as we may be able to help you. We have fill-in players who may come down to help your team out.
  • (b) Should a team have to forfeit a game, a forfeit fee equal to that of the game fee will be imposed regardless of notification to administration.
  • (c) All forfeit fees must be paid before the next round of games. All teams must be financial to be included in competitions and to accrue league points.
  • (d) All players are responsible for outstanding fees for your team. By participating in our competitions Mega Courts Indoor Sports hold the right to reclaim outstanding fees from all team members.
  • (e) At all times, management will do their best to help all parties involved to avoid forfeit’s and forfeit fees.

For any questions regarding forfeit fees please contact management of your venue.

Game Times

All games must start on time – Especially crucial with the first game of the night. It is not fair on teams playing later in the evening if all games run late.

  • All game clocks will be started at the exact time kick off was scheduled.
  • For every 3 minutes a team isn’t on court they will receive a 1 goal penalty.
  • A team can start with a minimum of 4 players.


All payments must be made in a one off $60 transaction prior to kick off. Individual payments are not accepted.

Player Cautions

  • If the referee feels the need to caution players during the game, the penalties are as follow;
  • Yellow card – 3 minutes in the sin bin. (the team must play with 4 players for the entire 3 minutes)
  • Red card – The player is removed from the game immediately and the team must play with 4 players for the duration of the game. A red card will automatically mean a 1 match ban for the individual and this can be extended by management upon discussion with the referee.


Violence/Aggressive Behaviour/Verbal Abuse

Violence, aggressive behaviour and verbal abuse will not be tolerated under any circumstances whether its towards players or officials. Any behaviour of this manner will be dealt with either by the referee or centre management.

If individuals are persistent offenders then they will be banned from the competition

League Format

All teams will play each team in their division twice. The top 4 go in to Semi Finals (1vs4, 2vs3) followed by Grand Finals.

Senior Futsal League Spring 2017 Division 1 Winners
Senior Futsal League Winter 2017 Division 1 Winners
Senior Futsal League Winter 2017 Division 2 Winners


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