What’s the difference between gel blaster and paintball?

Gel ball and paintball are similar styles of sport. They both involve two teams playing off against each other, using replica toy guns to win an intense battle. In this post, we walk you through the ins and outs of gel blasters vs paintball.

More unique

Paintball was the main battlefield sport played in Australia and, until recently, not many people knew about gel ball. Then, gel ball gained popularity, especially in states like SA and Queensland. With a limited number of gel ball facilities across the country, gel ball has become a niche, unique sport, attracting many interstate tourists to South Australia who have longed to play the game.


Smaller pellets

Gel blasters use smaller beads than paintball guns. Paintballs are larger and therefore leave bruises and bigger welts. Gel balls, on the other hand, are said to hurt less upon impact. With this in mind, it makes gel ball the perfect activity if you don’t want to rock up to work the next day sore and looking like a Dalmatian!


Unlimited gel balls

Many paintball businesses have a finite number of paintballs included in the price of the package. At Mega Courts, this isn’t how they roll! Mega Courts offer unlimited gels, meaning you can really get your buck’s worth and engage in long, toe-to-toe battles with opponents.


More realistic

Gel blasters look a lot more realistic than paintball guns. This is because paintball guns are operated by a CO2 tank, which draws away from the realistic look and feel of a firearm. Gel blasters don’t have these CO2 tanks, but rather are operated by a motor. So, if you’re up for the most realistic battle game around, then gel ball is for you!


Not as messy!

The other big difference between paintball and gel ball is the fact that gel ball is much less messy. This lies in the very name of paintball – paint! When a paintball hits you and breaks open, it covers you in paint. This often gets on your shoes and sometimes in your hair too. With a gel blaster, the gel balls contain water and don’t leave a mess on your apparel.


So, while they’re similar in nature, there are a few major differences between gel blasters and paintball which make gel ball the superior sport. Mega Courts’ gel ball facilities are the perfect place to experience gel ball whether you’re a beginner or an expert. It’s a great activity for mates, co-workers, families or anyone else. Mega Courts offer world-class gel ball facilities with very affordable prices, so get in touch with the team at Mega Courts today to book in your exhilarating gel ball experience.


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