Why use bowling machines?

Bowling machines are the perfect way to practice specific batting skills. With the ability to land the ball on a certain line and length with a consistent speed it allows the batter to repeat the same skill consistently and therefore enhance their skill level. When honing your batting skills repetition is crucial. Being able to rely on the bowling machine’s ability to hit the same spot ball after ball allows you to train your brain and muscles to react in a certain way so that it happens naturally during a game. 

As well as being perfect for skill enhancement, bowling machines are also a lot of fun! They are also ideal for the social cricketer who just wants to see how far they can hit the ball. 

Mega Courts Bowling Machines 


Pace Bowling Machine

At Mega Courts we use the ‘Bola’ bowling machines which can go up to 145km/h. They also have a swing function to test you in all aspects of your game.

All machines are self-feeder meaning you can practice solo. 


Merlyn Spin Bowling Machine

The ‘Merlyn’ can produce any spin ball you desire. If you’re wanting to work on facing leg spin or off spin this machine is perfect. For the expert in spin play it also has a variations setting allowing the machine to bowl any combination of leg-breaks, top spinners and arm balls. 


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