Why Gel Ball Is the Latest Trend You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

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Remember when every kid on the street had a Tamagotchi? They were those little digital pocket pets that cried when they wanted food and died if they didn’t get it… for some reason they were a massive hit. Tamagotchis seemed like they were going to take over the world, replacing ‘analogue’ pets entirely – and then, one day, they seemed to just vanish off the face of the earth.

Why are we talking about Tamagotchis in a gel ball article? Good question. The answer is that, while Tamagotchis were a temporary fad, gel ball certainly isn’t. Gel ball had been on an upwards trend since the mid 2010s, when it arrived on Australian shores. It outperforms its predecessor of paintball in many ways too. Let’s take a look at why gel ball is what everyone’s going nuts for, and why you simply can’t miss out on it.


Gel ball is exhilarating

Gel ball is the ultimate thrill sport. Imagine rounding up a group of mates or work colleagues and going head to head in a bunch of different team games: elimination, capture the flag, assassinate the president and more. You can spend a whole day battling it out on the gel ball field and still feel the buzz long into the evening. 


Gel ball is more accurate

One of the most annoying things about playing paintball is that, no matter how good your aim is, you could be firing ball after ball and still miss the person you’re aiming for because the paintballs go flying in every direction but your opponent’s. Gel ball has an advantage because the battlefields are more intimate and fast-paced; therefore, you’ve got much more chance of hitting your opponents.


Mega Courts offer unlimited gel balls

Many Adelaide paintball facilities have a finite number of paintballs included in the price of the package. At Mega Courts’ gel ball facilities, you’ve got unlimited gel balls, meaning you can unload clip after clip without worrying about running out!


Gel blasters are super realistic

Gel blasters look a lot more realistic than paintball guns and don’t have that CO2 tank, which draws away from the realistic look and feel of paintball guns. Gel blasters are operated by a motor and air. So if you’re up for the most realistic battle game around, then gel ball is for you.

Dead set keen on giving gel ball a go? Head on down to Mega Courts Indoor Sports and become the king of the gel ball battlefield. Mega Courts’ gel ball facilities are the perfect place for birthday parties, bucks’ nights, team building exercises and corporate events. Located just a short drive from the city in Windsor Gardens, Mega Courts is just a stone’s throw away. Book ahead to avoid disappointment.

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