Team Building Activities in Adelaide

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Let’s face it: most team building activities are pretty lame. Your office hires a ‘team culture expert’ for a week in which you pass around a ‘talking stick’ and talk about your feelings. Where exactly do you get a chance to really work as a team in that scenario? Where’s the cooperation? Where’s the challenge? Where’s the fun?

Thankfully, the days of listening to a guy called Josh bore you to death about your ‘team culture’ are over. There’s a new way of going about team building activities in Adelaide. Let’s take a closer look!


Laser tag

It’s a classic activity for youngsters, and has been since the 80s, but laser tag is also massively popular as a team-building activity in Adelaide too. Divided into teams, you put aside work-related stuff and get to see your co-workers in a new light. Here are a few reasons why laser tag is an ideal team building activity for your workforce:

  • Work as a team

The only way your co-workers are going to work well as a team is if they get practice in doing it. Laser tag allows us to practise the art of teamwork in a relaxed, fun environment.

  • Overcome challenges

In laser tag, you have to overcome challenges together. Much like the real workplace, you’ll have to do this with people you don’t necessarily ‘click’ with, strengthen your relationships as co-workers.


Gel ball

Just like paintball, but without the mess, gel ball is another fantastic team-building exercise in Adelaide. Like laser tag, gel ball involves getting into teams and forgetting about work relationships. It’s a next-level experience to laser tag, proving to be more intense!

  • Teamwork

In a similar way to laser tag, gel ball provides an opportunity for your workplace to practise teamwork while having endless fun. Forget about any workplace drama and simply shoot it out in gel ball.

  • Even playing field

In gel ball, there’s no hierarchy; everybody is on a level playing field! This means you grow closer as a group, with nothing separating a CEO from a receptionist. Gel ball breaks down workplace barriers and allows us to not be taken so seriously.


Where to do it?

Mega Courts Indoor Sports is Adelaide’s premier venue for laser tag, gel ball and other team building activities. They have realistic battlefields for both sports and offer an experience you won’t forget. Contact the team at Mega Courts to find out about their affordable rates.

See? You don’t need to fall asleep to ‘team culture experts’ anymore! Partake in a truly exciting and worthwhile team building activity when you book in for laser tag or gel ball at Adelaide’s Mega Courts Indoor Sports. They’ve got everything covered: battlegrounds, gel ball guns and even pizza! All you need to bring is your crew and a great attitude. Get in touch with the team at Mega Courts today.

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