Planning a Hassle-Free Corporate Party in Adelaide

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If you’ve seen The Office, you’ll know what an absolute pain corporate parties can be. You’ve got that one bloke who you’ll have to keep away from the drinks table, one lass who’ll insist on playing nothing but Ed Sheeran, and an older lady who’s curiously keen on hiring a male stripper.

While you love these co-workers of yours, it can be particularly challenging when organising a corporate party in Adelaide. That’s why we’ve come up with a few ideas for planning a hassle-free party for your workplace. Let’s run through them below.


Court hire

Got a particularly sporty group of co-workers? Let’s put their athletic confidence to the test. Hiring an indoor court is a great way to throw a hassle-free corporate party in Adelaide.

  • Adaptable venue

Hiring an indoor sports court is perfect whether you’ve got a team of 12 people or a team of 120. It won’t matter how many people are on the court – as long as everybody is involved and having a good time.

  • Range of different activities

Indoor courts can be used for a range of different activities. Whether we’re talking a traditional game of futsal or netball, or a hilarious game of dodgeball, your corporate party will be a hit when you book an indoor sports court.


Laser tag

Laser tag is a classic option for stress-free corporate parties. You don’t have to bring anything – all you have to do is make a booking. Laser tag is perfect for co-workers of all ages and capabilities.

  • Super exciting environment

If your workplace is full of energetic characters, laser tag is a perfect option for a corporate party. Let everybody be themselves, competing in teams to take home the laser tag trophy.

  • Team building

Laser tag is also a two-in-one workplace experience. Not only is it great fun, but it’s also an opportunity for team building. In laser tag, you’re allowed to forget about workplace relationships and see your co-workers in a more relaxed environment.


Gel ball

A more intense activity for corporate parties in Adelaide is gel ball. Similar to paintball, you divide into teams and work together to eliminate opponents. Again, it’s super stress-free and requires minimal organisation. Just make a booking and rock up!

  • Ultimate group activity

Gel ball is the ultimate group activity for your workforce. You get to let go of the workplace mentality and enjoy your co-workers’ company in a fun environment.


Where to throw a hassle-free corporate party in Adelaide

Mega Courts Indoor Sports is Adelaide’s premier venue for court hire, laser tag and gel ball. Don’t throw a lame office party that involves work-related small talk and Ed Sheeran. Let Mega Courts throw you a party to remember! They’ve got the equipment, the food and drink and the good times covered – now all you have to do is make a booking. Contact the team at Mega Courts Indoor Sports for a fun corporate work party that suits all budgets.


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