Inflatable Fun That Even Adults Can Enjoy

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In any group of parents, there’s always that one dad who loves the jumping castle even more than his kids do. He’s soaring up and down, pushing the poor inflatable castle to its absolute limits, sending kids flying in every direction with the weight of his 90kg dad-bod. The kids all sigh with relief once he’s decided he’s had enough and they can finally reclaim it for themselves.

At Mega Courts, this behaviour is encouraged all the way! Who says you’re ever too old to enjoy a jumping castle? And the Mega Inflatables at Mega Courts aren’t like your ordinary hire-a-castle: they can support a number of fun-loving parents, no matter how much of a dad-bod they’re rocking. Here’s why the Mega Inflatable Zone at Mega Courts is something that even adults can enjoy.


Big enough for everybody

Sure, the old jumping castle at the school fair might have been well and truly tested by the weight of a few rowdy adults giving it a work out – but the Mega Inflatables can handle this with no problems at all. They’re specially designed to be able to accommodate for adults and children, so you won’t ever have to worry about being that one parent who ruined the fun by bursting the inflatable bouncy castle.


Inflatables for the older children

The older kids won’t be left out either! Even the older kids can enjoy the thrill of the Mega Inflatable Zone at Mega Courts. There are several intricate inflatables which are suited to the older children and are far from your ordinary jumping castle. These are fitted with climbing walls, crawly tunnels, slides and more.


Playing is encouraged!

We know the old lies you tell yourself: at first, you hop onto the giant inflatables to “play with your kid” and you’re only up there to “make sure they’re safe”. The next minute, you’re totally pumped, flying up and down, screaming at your partner, “Look what I can do!” and having forgotten all about your children. Don’t worry; at Mega Courts, everybody is encouraged to have fun. You don’t need any excuses.


Great way to release stress and burn energy

We often think of inflatables as a great way for our kids to burn energy… but what about all the pent up stress that we adults experience? Hopping onto the inflatables is the perfect way to de-stress after a week of hard work. You might even find yourself a bit puffed out afterwards!

Mega Courts Indoor Sports is Adelaide’s home of fun. Boasting giant sports courts for cricket, soccer, indoor footy, netball and other sports, teamed up with state-of-the-art gel ball and laser tag facilities, on top of gymnastics equipment and the Mega Inflatable Zone, there’s always something on at Mega Courts. Located just 15 minutes from the CBD in Windsor Gardens, come on down to Mega Courts today.

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