How to Throw an Epic Birthday Party 

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Throwing a birthday party for your child in the 21st century can be a stressful experience. Back when you were a kid, birthday parties looked like fairy bread and musical chairs – and nothing was wrong with that! But now, times have changed and, if you’ve seen what extravagant children’s birthday parties look like on Instagram, you’re probably pretty shocked at the lengths people will go to, just to celebrate their kid’s birthday.

But throwing an epic birthday party doesn’t have to be either of these two extremes; it doesn’t have to be something generic, nor does it mean having to spend loads of money to make it a success. The party experts at Mega Courts Indoor Sports will shed a bit of light on how to throw the epic-est birthday party for your child.


Don’t spend a ton of money

Rule 1: don’t spend heaps of money on an unnecessarily extravagant birthday party for your kid! Most children don’t care about decadence: they care about fun. Don’t hire an elephant for the kids to ride around on in your backyard, and don’t get Jamie Oliver to do your catering either. Choose something that’s reasonable and that gives your child and their friends the most amount of fun for the price.


Do something that’s fun and physical

All kids love playing, so why not organise something that’s fun and involves physical play? This could involve a fun indoor sport or an amazing inflatable jungle gym like the ones at Mega Courts. This way, the kids are celebrating by burning energy and getting active, rather than sitting around on iPads. 


Avoid clichés

Some big clichés to avoid when trying to throw an epic birthday party? Hiring a clown or magician, hosting it at McDonalds and playing pass the parcel. Instead, organise something unique! How often do the kids get to have a giant sports court all to themselves, or tackle a mega inflatable jungle gym? 


Let someone else do the clean up

The party itself isn’t the only thing that makes it epic… the aftermath counts too. If you’ve got to spend hours organising a party, hours hosting it and then hours cleaning up afterwards, you’ll have spent the whole weekend on your child’s birthday party. Host it somewhere other than your home, so that you’re free from doing the organising and the clean up!

Where can you check off all these elements of throwing an epic birthday party? Mega Courts Indoor Sports! Younger children adore the Mega Inflatables Zone, featuring a range of giant inflatable jungle gym equipment, and they go crazy for team sports on the huge indoor courts. Futsal, cricket, netball, and dodgeball are just some of the sports available for birthdays at Mega Courts. For the older kids, laser tag and gel ball are a massive hit. Make a booking with the team at Mega Courts and get ready to have the best birthday party ever.

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