How to Keep the Kids Active on School Holidays

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School holidays means two things: you’ve got extra pressure in your life and wine o’clock starts a little earlier. Other than that, it also means you’ve got to find a way to keep the kids entertained without them being on their iPads for weeks on end. Luckily, there are a few ways to keep kids active during school holidays that don’t cost a lot and require minimal planning. Let’s take a look at some ideas for kids’ activities these school holidays.

Hire an indoor court

School holiday activities don’t have to be complicated or expensive. Sometimes, all it takes is an open space, a soccer ball or a netball, and a few of your kids’ closest friends. Hiring an indoor court is a great way to get the kids active these school holidays, allowing you to join in as well.

Mega Courts Indoor Sports have several 612m² courts that are available for hire. Whether it’s freezing cold or stinking hot outside, indoor courts can be used to provide great entertainment for your kids. They can be used for:

  • Indoor soccer – a favourite for boys and girls alike, using smaller nets and a lighter indoor ball. You don’t need studded boots or shin-pads, and you won’t have to worry about little feet tracking muds throughout the house afterwards.
  • Netball – an awesome opportunity for the girls to practise netty while school holidays are on. Get the whole team involved and train up for those fierce Saturday morning netball games.
  • Dodgeball – a fun, exhilarating sport that the kids don’t often have an opportunity to play. Dodgeball provides hours of running around and endless fun for your kids.
  • Baseball – why not try something a little different these school holidays? Baseball isn’t as commonly played in Australia and an indoor court is the perfect place for the kids to give it a go.


Laser tag and gel ball

For the slightly older kids, laser tag and gel ball are two unbeatable activities during school holidays. Both sports involve getting into teams and working together to eliminate opponents. It’s fun, exciting and totally safe as you’re playing in a controlled environment.

Mega Courts Indoor Sports also offer state-of-the-art laser tag and gel ball facilities. Providing equipment, gun hire and everything else you need, Mega Courts’ laser tag and gel ball experiences require minimal fuss and keep your kids fit these school holidays.

If you’re wanting to keep your kids away from their iPads these school holidays, book in for one of the thrilling activities available at Adelaide’s Mega Courts Indoor Sports. They’re easy to organise and won’t burn a hole in your pocket! Simply contact the team at Mega Courts Indoor Sports to find out more about their affordable pricing and to make a booking today.


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