Great Party ideas in Adelaide

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We Adelaideans are a fun-loving bunch. We love going out for coffee at one of our many cafes, enjoying a drink at one of our many cocktail bars, eating fabulous food at one of our fantastic restaurants. So, when it comes to parties, regardless of what age, we’re experts in that too! And nope, we don’t mean coming home at five in the morning from a big night at Red Square…

Adelaide is full of great party ideas, whether you’re having a children’s birthday, an adult birthday, an engagement party or an office party. Today, we’ll talk you through a few great party ideas for your next shindig in Adelaide.


Hiring a court

Whether you’re 6 years old or 60 years old, hiring an indoor sports court is a blast. Here are some reasons to hire a court for your next party:

  • Children’s party – kids get to run around, kicking a soccer ball, tossing a netball or even pelting dodgeballs at each other for hours on end. What sounds better than that? A surprise pizza party, maybe? That can also be arranged at an indoor court like Mega Courts.
  • Large event – indoor courts can host up to 150 people, meaning they’re the perfect venue for private hire if you have a large event in mind. Getting the sports gear out as the night progresses is also bucket loads of fun!


Laser tag

It’s a classic for kid’s parties and adult’s parties alike – laser tag is one of the best ideas for a party in Adelaide.

  • Children’s party – it’s almost a rite of passage in Australia to have a laser tag party as a kid. It’s an awesome chance for kids to run around and try something different.
  • Work parties – laser tag is also one of the best ways to bond as a team outside the workplace. You’ll work together to eliminate each other in a fun, relaxed environment.


Gel ball

For the older kids and more daring adults, gel ball is another top party idea in Adelaide.

  • Work parties – wrapping up a good year of sales with a session of gel ball is the perfect way to top it all off. Shoot gel balls at each other and work together while having fun.
  • Buck’s parties – gel ball is becoming an increasingly popular activity for buck’s parties. Get active and show your mates who’s the true alpha!


Sure, these ideas for parties in Adelaide may be fantastic, but good luck trying to find somewhere you can do them all, right? Wrong! Mega Courts Indoor Sports is Adelaide’s premier party venue. Court hire, laser tag and gel ball facilities are all available for whatever kind of party you’re throwing. Don’t risk throwing a lame party – get in touch with the party professionals at Mega Courts Indoor Sports and book a time today.

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