6 Ways to Build on Team Bonding

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Team bonding is important for every workplace. Spending so much time together, it’s imperative that we maintain healthy relationships with our colleagues. Work life, however, has a tendency to create stress and sometimes put additional strain on our relationships with co-workers, which is where building on team bonding comes into play. How do we do this without it turning out to be lame or boring? We want to do team bonding the right way, and not by hiring some ‘team culture expert’ who makes us pass around a feathered talking stick and sing ‘Kumbaya’ for a week. In this post, we outline 6 ways to build on team bonding and how to put them into practice – the fun way!

  1. Break down barriers
    Sometimes hierarchies in the workplace are a good thing, and other times they can get be a hindrance. Sure, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls may have had a winning team, but many players of the time reported that they didn’t have the best team culture. Doing an activity that puts everybody on a level playing field is key when it comes to team bonding.
  2. Teamwork
    Working as a team outside of the workplace is the best way to practise teamwork. Studies show that this helps create better teamwork within the office, as well as outside it.
  3. Communicate
    Communicating seems easy, but it can be a struggle for some in the workplace. Often, we find it hard to be able to express ourselves to our colleagues and, in particular, our superiors. Good communication in the workplace is improved when you choose the right team bonding exercise.
  4. Get social
    We need to see our co-workers in a social setting as well as a work setting. This way, we see each other for who we really are, without the seriousness of the workplace interfering. It’s important to choose a team bonding activity that’s fun and relaxed.
  5. Get active
    Going to the movies together or catching up for drinks may be fun, but it’s not exactly a productive way to build on team bonding. By getting active together, you’re adding an extra layer to your team bonding experience.
  6. Have fun
    The key rule when it comes to building on team bonding is having fun. So, you’ve got to find a way to combine all of these 6 elements of team bonding… and where’s the best place to do that?

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