6 Signs You Are Addicted to Futsal

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99% of addictions are entirely bad – shopping addictions, substance addictions, eating addictions – the list goes on. But there’s one addiction which, upon professional diagnosis, you might find yourself quite happy about: futsal addiction. 

It’s no secret that futsal is a highly addictive, fun and fast-paced sport. Why do you think the world’s most famous soccer players like Ronaldinho, Messi and Ronaldo spent their childhoods ditching school where they could and spending it on the futsal pitch with their mates instead? Here are 6 signs that you’re following in their footsteps and are completely addicted to futsal.


1) You get to bed thinking about it; you wake up thinking about it

Can’t stop thinking about the futsal court? Yep, you might as well face it – you’re addicted to futsal. For most futsal players, their weekly or twice-a-week football sessions are the highlight of their week. When they’re not on the court, they’re at the park practising their rainbow flicks and dummy passes.


2) You played when you were a kid

If you played futsal when you were young, then the futsal bug is deeply buried inside you and there’s no getting rid of it. If you’ve had a break from futsal and have been thinking about starting up again, you probably won’t be able to shake those feelings until you scratch that itch!


3) You caught it from somebody else 

We regret to inform you: yes, futsal is contagious. You might have seen a game of it recently, watched professional players on YouTube or even given it a go because a friend asked you to fill in. 


4) You start saying ‘futsal’ instead of other words

Example: ‘Hey honey, can you pass the futs-, ah, I mean, pretzels?’ It’s what we call a Freudian Slip – inadvertently using a word instead of the correct word because that’s what’s on your mind. 


5) You’ve recently online shopped for a new futsal kit

Have you recently checked out ASOS for sales on their sportswear? Namely, shorts and t-shirts? Possibly some long socks too? This is a huge sign that you’ve succumbed to your futsal addiction.


6) If you haven’t got a futsal team yet, you’re desperately trying to make one

A futsal player without a futsal team is like a glove without a hand, a home without a door, a door without a knob… you get the picture. You need to create a futsal team if you’re passionate about futsal – otherwise, what’s the point of thinking about it all the time?

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